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Tanishq Jewellers
Gold & Silver Rate

  • 22 Carat Rs. 2797.00
  • 24 Carat Rs. 3051.00
  • Silver (1gm) NA
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Tanishq Jewellers

Tanishq Jewellers

Tanishq, Trust, Tata

We all are familiar with the name Tanishq. But how many of us are aware of its meaning? Well, there is an interesting tale, or history, behind it.

Tanishq was coined from a combination of Tata/Tamil Nadu and Nishq (meaning a necklace of gold coins) and, again, from Tan, meaning body and Ishq, meaning love.

How was it born?

The Tanishq saga began in the early 1990s, primarily fuelled by the fabled Tata entrepreneurial spirit and partly forced by circumstance. 

The splendid Titan watches success story was already up and  running, and happened to need more foreign exchange to purchase the imported components and machines required to keep up with the burgeoning watch production. 

But with India going through a foreign exchange crisis, there was no help coming in, forcing Titan to search for a business that would earn them the required foreign currency.

Indian-made jewellery was already a big foreign currency earner and being strongly supported by the central government, and also happened to be a very good fit with the watch business as articles of adornment.The best known brand names in both Europe and America had watches and jewellery together, offering further proof that the two industries are intrinsically linked.

It was a business with a huge wealth potential and it added a very feminine offering to Tatas long line of products that appealed mostly to the opposite gender. It also called for an organization that inspired trust and had high order design, manufacturing, marketing and retailing skills, and Tata fit the bill on all accounts.

Range and change

It was launched in 1994 as a range of jewellery and jewellery watches meant for the European & American markets. But things began to change globally around this time, and the West entered a protracted period of slow economic growth followed by recession. 

Supplying jewellery to the Americans & Europeans suddenly no longer seemed an attractive proposition.

Initially, the criticism for Titans foray into jewellery was loud and often bitter. Eventually, however, the critics were silenced. Tanishq, today, is perhaps the only major Tata brand with a strong appeal for women. Very importantly, Tanishq has brought to the market a whole new standard of business ethics and product reliability, in the process bringing about a transformation in the manner in which jewellery is bought and sold in India.

Revolution in trade

It has created a revolution in the Indian jewellery trade and in jewellery buying behaviour, and continues to set new parameters of excellence for others to follow.

The Indian market, on the other hand, opened its doors to the world, and was now flooded with foreign currency. By the time Tanishq

established its manufacturing facility and entered the market, the premises on which the project was based had altered substantially.

Foreign currency was no longer an issue, import licences were easy to obtain and the global demand-supply equation for jewellery had shifted in favour of buyers. 

Focus changed

Tanishq, therefore, switched tracks and shifted its focus to the Indian market and develop a somewhat grandiose vision of the brand as a composite avatar of Cartier, Tiffany, Esprit, and Ernest Jones all rolled in one.

Wide network

Apart from branches all over India, Tanishq also serves customers through its interactive and intutive website. So buying jewels is just a click away.

Website : www.tanishq.co.in

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