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Jeyachandran Gold House
Gold & Silver Rate

  • 22 Carat Rs. 2739.00
  • 24 Carat NA
  • Silver (1gm) Rs. 43.55
  • Silver (1kg) Rs. 43550.00

Jeyachandran Gold House

Jeyachandran Gold House

Best price, best quality

Humble yet big. This is the mantra of Jeyachandran Gold House. For many years, Jeyachandran is a name to reckon with in for quality textiles and other household items.

In order to serve those who want to buy pure gold jewels at best price, Jeyachandran Textiles started Jeyachandran Gold House.

Branching out

With branches in T Nagar and Tambaram, Jeyachandran Gold House serves tens of hundreds of patrons everyday.

Jeyachandran has vast experience in serving the teeming customers of T Nagar. So when it wanted to expand, it chose a most promising market area- Tambaram.

The sprawling showroom which is very close to Tambaram bus stand and railway station offers a wide variety of jewels.

There are seperate sections for gold and silver jewels. Not just jewels, but the Jayachadran Gold House showroom at Tambaram also sells valuables such as gift items and household articles.

The experience

One cannot resist shopping in Jeyachandran. You get everything of your choice for the price in your mind.

This mantra of Jeyachandran is applicable when it comes to Jeyachandran Gold House too, as gold jewels are being sold in a quality manner, for best price.

Equipped with a rich experience of forecasting trends, Jeyachandran Gold House showrooms have been drawing huge footfalls.

Whats special?

We are proud of our growing community and satisfied customers. Our textile showrooms present you the bouquet of silk saree like embroidery silks, traditional silk, poly cotton saree and more to suit to families of all strata. Jeyachandran proudly presents Wedding wear, a collection of traditional Indian Wedding Saree to make you the princess of the day. When it comes to gold house, we present you richly-crafted pure jewels at low price, say officials of Jeyachandran Group.

Jeyachandran Gold House keeps up with tradition and ahead of trends in jewellery design. Check out our latest designs and you will realise this, they say.

Birth and Growth

Jeyachandran Textiles was established in 1998 by Mr. Jeyachandran, a textile technocrat. In the early 80s he started the concern in the name of Ramachandran Textiles at Trivandrum, with 30 years of experience in the textile field.

As he stepped into Jeyachandran Textiles, he was stepping into a legacy with over fifty - five years of history. The textiles are showcased in an elegant 90,000 sq. ft. showroom, spread over five massive floors in Chennai.

Jeyachandrans core strength is Quality, Reliability and Design. Customer service has always been a key factor to its growth over these decades. Its prompt service, individual attention to customers and hospitality are which make customers come back to Jeyachandran.

Policies & Principles

Style, elegance, grace and dignity are some of the watchwords at Jeyachandran. Jeyachandran sources the materials directly from the manufacturers, thus offering products at a very fair yet competitive price without compromise on quality. It is currently in third generation of quality  textile business and are one of the leading textile peoples in South India.In jewellery trade too, Jeyachandran is emerging a leading and promising gold house in Chennai. So, select from Jeyachandrans wide range of collections to make you and your loved ones look the best.

Website : www.jeyachandrangoldhouse.com

Branch Address & Contact Details

Thygaraya Nagar
Phone : 044 - 24322627
Mobile : 91 - 9444444412
Fax : 044 - 2435 0805
Address 25, Ranganathan Street, Thygaraya Nagar - 600017