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Chennai Gold Rate

The relationship between Chennaiites and gold dates back to centuries and the yellow metal has always been loved by people in these parts, just like their counterparts in other parts of the India. If India is the world"s largest buyer of gold, Chennai is one of the reasons behind the status, as the city sells gold like hot cake.. The Web Site about brings you Chennai Gold Rate and Chennai Silver rate morning and evening updated

Today Gold / Silver Price

22 Carat 20-01-18 Rs.2884.00
24 Carat 20-01-18 Rs.3084.00
Silver (1gm) 20-01-18 Rs.42.00
Silver (1kg) 20-01-18 Rs.42000.00

Lowest Price in Last 30 Days arrow-down

22 Carat 25-12-17 Rs.2755.00
24 Carat 25-12-17 Rs.2946.00
Silver (1gm) 25-12-17 Rs.40.10
Silver (1kg) 25-12-17 Rs.40100.00

Highest Price in Last 30 Days arrow-up

22 Carat 17-01-18 Rs.2882.00
24 Carat 17-01-18 Rs.3082.00
Silver (1gm) 17-01-18 Rs.42.40
Silver (1kg) 17-01-18 Rs.42400.00